Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga transforms our familly into monsters. Although working as a cleaning lady, she is a funny old witch, sometimes not fully aware of what she conjures.


Emma is the leading part of the family. She has given all she can and tried to keep the family together, despite this she always argues with her daughter although they are both very similar.


Just reached puberty and fallen in love with her mobile, she wants to become a model and thinks it is not worth staying down a year in school.


Honourable Frank studied law with dreams of defending the weak and poor, but with a family of four at home, his noble aspirations have had to take a back seat. Nowadays he is exhausted and overworked in the legal department of a bank, with unsupportive colleagues and a tyrant boss.


He is super brainy, therefore a loner and rather prefers reading his science books than playing with his classmates.